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High School Football

The CHS Tigers

Central High School Football

2018 Schedule


Date                                      Opponent                           Place                     Time

August 17                            West Carroll                        Away                     7pm

August 24                            Greenfield                          Home                    7pm

August 31                            Huntingdon                        Home                    7pm

September 7                      Houston Co.                       Away                     7pm

September 14                    Middleton                           Home                    7pm

September 21                    Gleason                               Home                    7pm

September 28                    Wayne Co.                          Home                    7pm

October 5                            Perry Co.                              Away                     7pm

October 12                          BYE                                         N/A                        N/A

October 19                          Collinwood                         Away                     7pm

October 29                          McEwen                              Away                     7pm

By Janna Smith

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